Who May Apply?

Current Wauconda High School staff members are eligible to apply.

How To Apply?

The grant application starts with clicking the “Apply Now” button below. 

 WHS grant applications for 2023/24 are due Friday October 27th for first semester.  Grants submitted after due date can be included in future grant distributions.

How Are Grants Approved?

Grant applications should support the mission of the Bulldog Nation Foundation by supporting 21st Century classroom success through innovation in the classroom. Grants will be awarded based upon merit and available funding. Grant proposals will be reviewed by the appropriate Department Chair, the Supervisor of Technology (if applicable), the District’s Director of Curriculum. Once vetted by these individuals, proposals will then be submitted to a committee made up of Foundation board members for final review and approval.  For 2023/24 the process will be streamlined for the Micro Grant program.

What Responsibilities Are Associated With A Grant Approval?

Grant recipients are required to coordinate grant implementation activities with the appropriate district staff to ensure proper accounting procedures are followed as well as providing periodic feedback concerning the success of implementation.

When Should The Approved Grant Implementation Take Place?

All activities associated with the approved grant implementation should take place by the following school year.

Note: The Bulldog Nation Foundation reserves the right to request any additional information necessary during the review process. 

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