Grants – 2015

2015 Bulldog Nation Foundation Funded Grants

  • iPads, movie mounts, mics, software, flat screens and other equipment for Digital Media Communication classes

Thanks to the BNF, students in the new Digital Media Communication classes use up-to-date digital equipment and software to produce a daily new cast called “The Bark”. This newscast is broadcast via newly wired flat screen tvs strategically located throughout the building. Students have the opportunity to engage in all facets of a daily news show: writing script, on-air delivery of the new cast, filming of the broadcast and editing for final viewing. “The Bark” can be seen daily at Wauconda High School by all students!  

  • LabQuest2s, Lenovolaptops and other equipment for Science classes

The BNF once again shows support for our future scientists who now can conduct computer-based inquiries using the LabQuest2s. Hands-on learning in both Physics and Chemistry is greatly enhanced through probeware modules that promote understanding, comprehension and application of knowledge and skills. The LabQuest2s also assist students in creating graphs and data tables for in-depth analysis and understanding. Science has never been so fun!

  • DBQproject materials for Social Studies classes

The new DBQ (Data Based Questioning) learning materials provided by the BNF will not only provide enhanced learning from U.S. history to world history, but also promote better writing skills across disciplines. The DBQ materials may also be shared vertically between the high school and middle school teachers to encourage a common learning and thinking community among our grades 6-12!

  • Experiment supplies for Psychology classes

For the fourth year in a row, the BNF is supporting the purchasing of experimental supplies for the high school psychology class experiments. The purchase helps to make the learning come to life and are fun for the students as well! 

To Apply

Grants will be awarded based upon merit and available funding. Grant applications should support the mission of the Bulldog Nation Foundation by supporting 21st Century classroom success through innovation in the classroom.

Any Wauconda High School staff member is eligible to apply for a grant. WHS staff grant applications are due April 30th of each year.