Grants – 2014

2014 Bulldog Nation Foundation Funded Grants

  1. Two short-throw projectors (technology) for Language Arts classes
  2. Two short-throw projectors (technology) for Mathematics classes
  3. Three document cameras (technology) for Social Studies classes
  4. Audio and video recording equipment (technology) for Drama, Theater, Band and Choir
  5. Novels for the study of annotation for all English 2 students
  6. Experiment supplies for Psychology classes
  7. Graphic novels on the Holocaust for US History classes
  8. Two short-throw projectors (technology) for Science classes
  9. PC-connected writing tablets (technology) for Mathematics classes

Please read our latest press release announcing its 2014 grant recipients.

2013 Bulldog Nation Foundation Funded Grants

  1. Fifteen iPads (technology) for Biology Classes
  2. Seven Thinkpads (technology) for Physics Classes
  3. Two Short Throw Projectors (technology) for English Classes
  4. One Short Throw Projector (technology) for World Language Class
  5. Sight Reading Books and Drummer’s Toolkit for Band Classes
  6. Experiment Supplies for Psychology Classes

2012 Bulldog Nation Foundation Funded Grants

  1. One LCD projector w/special IPAD adaptor (technology) for Biology and Physical Science Classes
  2. One Video and Digital Camera (technology) for Journalism Classes
  3. One Short Throw Interactive Projector (technology) for Anatomy, Physics, and Physical Science Classes
  4. Illinois Heritage Garden Materials for Biology Classes
  5. Five Short Throw Projectors (technology) for World Languages Classes
  6. One Experiment Station for Chemistry Classes
  7. One Interactive Smart Board (technology) for Bilingual Classes
  8. Experiment Supplies for Psychology Classes
  9. Literature Books for English Classes (students with special learning needs)

To Apply

Grants will be awarded based upon merit and available funding. Grant applications should support the mission of the Bulldog Nation Foundation by supporting 21st Century classroom success through innovation in the classroom.

Any Wauconda High School staff member is eligible to apply for a grant. WHS staff grant applications are due April 30th of each year.