Grants – 2017

2017 Bulldog Nation Foundation Funded Grants

  • Functional Physiological Skeleton for Science Classes
    Functional Physiological Skeleton for Science Classes
    Functional Physiological Skeleton for Science Classes

Dem bones, dem bones… The BNF is enhancing anatomy and biology classes by providing a complete scientific skeleton (made of durable, unbreakable plastic) that is realistic in weight and size. Students will use the skeleton to learn the functionality of the skeletal system and for 3D presentations.

  • Laptops for Business Education Classes

Create, plan, present and repeat! The BNF is supporting the Business Education Department with a grant purchase of six laptops to assist students with presenting student-created business ideas as part of the Entrepreneurial course. Students will learn how to leverage technology to present their business plans to a panel of judges.

  • Digital Recording Technology for Band Classes

This is on the record. The BNF is purchasing mobile digital recording technology to provide instantaneous feedback for our band students. The recording technology and updated stereo system will allow our bands to focus on student-centered learning and to develop critical thinking skills while developing advanced musicianship.

  • E-Readers for Library-Media Center

Got books? School libraries are so much more than the Dewey Decimal System. The BNF is providing 10 Kindle E-Readers, 5 iPads and two 40” Monitors to continue to digitize the Library-Media Center.  Students will enjoy more engagement and more personalized learning while in the heart of the school.

  • Real Care Babies for Child Development and Adult Living Classes

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back …The Family and Consumer Sciences Department needs some crying babies so the BNF is obliging by providing five Real Care Babies. Students participate in a parenting simulation by learning about the real challenges of caring for a newborn baby when they are assigned to a computerized baby. Yikes.

  • 21st Century Furniture for Science Class

Desks and chairs in nice, neat rows? That is so 2016. The BNF got in the furniture business by buying 18 portable, stand-up desks for a science class. Students will take an active role in designing the classroom environment depending on the learning activities for that day.

  • Wireless, Digital Lighting for Theatre Arts Classes

Let’s shed some light on the matter. The BNF is illuminating the Theatre Arts Classes by securing wireless, digital lighting systems that can be used in the Auditorium or anywhere else a drama production may occur. Students will engage in new and exciting uses of lighting that will enhance the music, production value, and artistic design of all of our Fine Arts programs.

To Apply

Grants will be awarded based upon merit and available funding. Grant applications should support the mission of the Bulldog Nation Foundation by supporting 21st Century classroom success through innovation in the classroom.

Any Wauconda High School staff member is eligible to apply for a grant. WHS staff grant applications are due April 30th of each year.