Grants – 2016

2016 Bulldog Nation Foundation Funded Grants

  • Fitness Database Program for Physical Education Classes

We are going to pump you up! The BNF supports healthy living and this grant does all of that and more. The WHS Wellness Department will create an online database for each student to track their fitness progress and provide targeted exercises for improvement. This BNF awarded grant also includes 14 Samsung Galaxy Tablets and accessories to complement the fitness database program. The tablets allow the students to interface with their tracked data and fitness improvement programs in real time during class.

  • Quality Repertoire for the Advancing Curriculum for Band Classes

It’s time to get the band back together, and the BNF is there to support the effort.  A grant award to the WHS Fine Arts Department will allow all band students to have the opportunity to play at least one cornerstone piece of music each year of high school through a BNF purchase of twelve pieces of high quality band literature.

  • Sewing Machines for Interior Design Classes

Why buy it when you can make it! The BNF is supporting the Applied Arts Department with a grant purchase of twelve sewing machines for students enrolled in the Housing and Interior Design course. Students will learn new skills while providing the opportunity to use their design creativity.

  • Television/Media for Media Communication Classes

Lights, camera, action! The BNF is enhancing last year’s English Department’s awarded grant with additional technology purchases to support the Television/Media program. The 5 additional flat screen monitors with accessories will be mounted throughout the school for viewing as well as 10 computer screens to be used in the classroom for production.

  • IXL for Math Classes

Donald Duck in Mathemagical Land? That is so 1970. The BNF is purchasing 300 software licenses for the Math Department to provide and for an interactive web-based math program called The program provides supplemental math support for every level of math from basic foundations to higher level math.

  • Pear Deck for All WHS Classes

Lightning does strike twice! The Math Department also was awarded a second BNF grant to purchase a software license for Pear Deck, but this is for all WHS staff!  Pear Deck is an interactive presentation tool that instantly collects data and promotes student engagement. All students can answer teacher questions in class using this software and an electronic device.

To Apply

Grants will be awarded based upon merit and available funding. Grant applications should support the mission of the Bulldog Nation Foundation by supporting 21st Century classroom success through innovation in the classroom.

Any Wauconda High School staff member is eligible to apply for a grant. WHS staff grant applications are due April 30th of each year.